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Multiple Lines of Text Fields in Document Libraries in SharePoint

Posted by: Mark Rackley on June 11, 2016

It never fails, after YEARS of using SharePoint I can still be bitten by little things I simply never encountered before, it can be quite humbling honestly.

I was working in SharePoint Online today when I was entering data into a multiple lines of text field in a document library. When I went to save the changes I suddenly saw an error I’d never seen before

“This field can have no more than 255 characters.” 


Say what???? It’s a MULTIPLE LINES OF TEXT field! 255 characters??

When I first saw this I had assumed that Microsoft had slipped in another update on us and even first reacted that way. After doing a little research I discovered this has existed for a while.

It turns out to be pretty simple to rectify, just go into the settings for library, edit the Multiple Lines of Text field and check the “Yes” radio button for “Allow unlimited length in document libraries”.


So, when users start calling the help desk complaining about not being able to save more than 255 characters in their multiple lines of text field you’ll need to go into the library setting and change those fields.

Okay… get back to whatever you were working on before.



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