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Problems need solutions. Solutions require ideas.

Pait Group’s mission is to help you modernize your digital workspace and engage your employees like never before. We help make sense of the powerful and complex set of tools included with your Microsoft 365 subscription, allowing you to leverage them in the most effective way to enhance your organization’s productivity.

Our expert consultants know Microsoft 365 inside and out and are ready to guide you through the entire implementation process – from the initial planning phase, through design, development, migration, training, and finally offering ongoing post-implementation support. Take advantage of our services, knowledge, and expertise to develop a world-class modern digital workspace.

Pait: "Powerful Alone, Invincible Together."

Microsoft 365-based Intranets

The modern way of working requires a modern way of thinking. We build modern solutions using the power of Microsoft 365. Pait Group's expert team is ready to build the intranet of your dreams.

Design & Development

Your company's brand is unique - your intranet should reflect that, too. Pait Group's designers and developers can craft solutions to meet any need.

Employee Engagement Strategy

Employee Engagement is a critical component of your successful Modern Intranet. Pait Group specializes in crafting modern workplace solutions that support your workforce.

Migration & Planning

Migrating to a new platform can seem intimidating. It doesn't have to be. Pait Group has performed hundreds of successful migrations for our clients.

Power Platform Forms & Workflows

Your forms, data, and processes – made better by our experts. Pait Group's Power Platform consultants have built forms and workflows of all types.

Training Services

You have a powerful set of tools at your disposal. Let Pait Group teach you how to take full advantage of them to empower your employees..

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