Reimagining The Employee Experience & Its Impact On Your Microsoft 365 Investment

If you’re sitting there wondering what the Microsoft Viva announcement means for your organization, you’re not alone.  We’ve received a number of questions about how Viva will impact your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint deployments. I wanted to address what I think this announcement means and how you should think about positioning it within your organization. 

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A New Era of Employee Engagement

The concept of an employee portal is nothing new.  Most of our corporate intranets have them as either part of the home page or dedicated site in the intranet.   Historically they have been an attempt to bring to one place all the disparate systems and information we provide for our employees.  Even the best designed employee portals still require the user to know where and how to click through multiple drill-downs, and multiple prompts for credentials as employees log into outside (3rd party) systems.

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Microsoft Teams Templates: Replicating Best Practices for Success

In 2020 organizations dove into Microsoft Teams leveraging the communication hub's various capabilities to keep their employees connected and engaged during the global pandemic.   Chats,  virtual meetings,  channels, teams, and so much more were created.   The longer that an organization used the tools inside Teams the more they discovered what is and isn't working for their own organization.   If you have taken note of what is working, wouldn't it be a thing of beauty to be able to replicate.   

This is where Microsoft Teams Templates comes in.   It is also the topic of an upcoming webinar, Microsoft Teams Templates: Replicating Best Practices for Success,  brought to you by Orchestry and PAIT Group

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5 Behaviors Organizations Should Adopt in 2021

Here we are! 2021!  We got off to a bumpy start, but I believe there is reason to be hopeful for a fantastic year!  As we move into 2021 and look at the technology landscape of Microsoft 365, we have a lot of companies who have suddenly been thrust into the cloud.   Some just did the bare minimum to get by while others opened up a whole new world  to their user and the dust is still settling.

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Microsoft Teams Templates: How to get more from Microsoft Teams

Do more with Advanced Microsoft Teams Templating 

Microsoft Teams is an incredibly powerful collaboration tool. It is essential to maintain consistency throughout Microsoft Teams with teams, channels, tabs and more to provide a predictable user experience and adoption growth curve through utilizing Microsoft Teams Templates.  

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What are Power Virtual Agents?

Power Virtual Agents (PVA) allow you to create dynamic, powerful chat bots for your organization like never before, often without having to write a line of code.



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