PAIT Group is Home to Three Microsoft MVPs for 2020-2021

PAIT Group is proud to be home to three MVPs that all have been renewed for 2020-2021.

  • Stephanie Donahue, PAIT Group President, has been renewed as a Microsoft MVP for the 5th year.
  • Mark Rackley, PAIT Group Chief Strategy Officer, has been renewed as a Microsoft MVP for the 6th year.
  • Rob Windsor, PAIT Group Sr. Architect, has been renewed as a Microsoft MVP for the 17th year.


Back in 2016, PAIT Group's Mark Rackley proudly wrote about his first renewal as a Microsoft MVP.   Fast forward to today where Mark said, "Obtaining and maintaining MVP status shows our commitment to helping the community while also maintaining our technical skills and staying on top of 'What's next' from Microsoft. Our customers benefit from our close Microsoft relationships and our MVP status helps us guide them in the right direction. It's an honor for any organization to have 1 MVP, let alone 3. I'm proud of what PAIT Group has been able to do to support the community, Microsoft, and our customers thanks to the MVP program."


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Using Teams Live Events for your Virtual Events

As part of Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365 you also get Teams Live Events. With Teams Live Events you can broadcast video and content to a very large audience of up 10,000 attendees and Microsoft announced support for up to 100,000 attendees through October 1, 2020.

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Microsoft 365 Education Real-World Quarantine Edition

The end of the school has officially wrapped, and I thought that I would end the school year with a blog wrap up as well.  <<See THIS blog post if you missed Part 1 >> I had originally intended to do a series on this, but the reality is our transition into the virtual school world was really smooth. I truly didn’t have a whole lot to blog about.  I know we’re lucky – I saw a lot of posts with frustrated parents and frustrated students over the past few months.

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6 Key Considerations for Successful Frontline Worker Communications

Frontline workers have become most essential workers in most organizations and essential for us all to get the products and services needed in our daily lives. 

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How to Reuse a Planner Plan as a Template

You can now copy a plan to existing Groups or Teams!  Exciting Right!!!!

When showcasing how teams and organizations can use Planner in Microsoft 365, one question that comes up repeatedly is: How can I create a plan template?  Last year, Microsoft released the ability to copy an existing plan to a new Office 365 Group (now called, a Microsoft 365 Group), effectively enabling a reusable plan “template”. However, creating a new Group for each plan is not ideal for most teams and can easily create Group sprawl. 

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Authentication 101 - Best Practices

I get asked for this all the time. Customers ask for the “Best Practices” for really complex subjects, sharing settings, site structure, things where, as a consultant, my answer almost always has to be ...“It depends.”   Complex subjects are very hard to apply best practices to, and the way that you know you are about to wander into that territory is when you find yourself asking  someone “What do most organizations do?”

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