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5 Reasons SharePoint Training is Necessary

Posted by: Ryan Keller on April 2, 2024

Modern SharePoint has hit its stride. It’s been around for a while now, and it’s much more intuitive and easier to build lists, libraries, and pages than ever before. But it’s still important to consider that training is an integral part of a successfully implemented intranet, especially when you’re ready to make the switch to modern SharePoint sites.

As a consultant who has been using SharePoint for the better part of two decades now (wow, I’m getting old), it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of people who don’t use SharePoint every day, or are brand new to the platform, or haven’t been brought up to speed on the changes that a modern SharePoint site offers. More than once I’ve found myself on a client demo call and clicking around a site quickly, and someone will be amazed or confused at a feature that I’ve just glossed over, having seen it hundreds of times, but that they’ve never encountered before. This scenario can often derail discussions, as the audience might not have the baseline knowledge of modern SharePoint to fully appreciate or understand the context, leading to extra time spent backtracking and explaining concepts that might seem basic to me, but is a completely new concept to a client.

If you are considering an intranet migration or upgrade to Microsoft 365 and modern SharePoint, I’d strongly recommend training for yourself and your staff. This includes the basics of SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and an overall understanding of Microsoft 365, as well as understanding modern SharePoint architecture and terminology.

Even though Modern SharePoint sites might seem intuitive and easy to use on the surface, there are a lot of nuances and powerful features that might otherwise be overlooked. Basic SharePoint Online training offers many benefits:

  • Gain a Baseline Understanding of SharePoint Terminology: SharePoint comes with its own set of unique terms and concepts. What is the difference between a “Microsoft Team” and a “Team Site” and the “Microsoft Teams App?” Is a communication site the same as a hub site? Training provides a foundational understanding of these terms, making sure everyone is on the same page and understands what sites, pages, lists, libraries, items, hub sites, teams, team sites, communication sites, metadata, and columns are. This understanding is crucial for effective communication and collaboration within the SharePoint environment.
  • Understand the Structure of a SharePoint Site: SharePoint sites have a defined structure that includes sites, lists, libraries, and pages. Training helps users understand this structure and how different elements within a site are interconnected, as well as how a site relates to other SharePoint sites within the intranet. This understanding is essential for creating and managing sites effectively.
  • Understand How SharePoint Stores Content: SharePoint is a powerful content management system that stores various types of content, including pages, documents, list items, and metadata. Training helps users understand how SharePoint organizes and manages this content, making it easier to locate and access information when needed.
  • Build Pages and Working with the SharePoint Interface: Training provides users with the skills to build pages and work with the SharePoint interface more effectively. This includes knowing how to add and customize web parts, create and manage lists and libraries, build templates, and configure site settings. These skills enable users to create dynamic and engaging SharePoint sites that meet their organization's needs without getting lost in the interface.
  • Understand SharePoint's Role in the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem: SharePoint is just one component of the larger Microsoft 365 ecosystem, which includes other tools such as Teams, Viva, OneDrive, and Office apps (Word, Excel, etc.). Training helps users understand how SharePoint integrates with these other tools, enabling them to leverage the full power of Microsoft 365 for collaboration and productivity.

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Hiring a consulting company like Pait Group to help you with your implementation can give you a huge boost in building out your intranet. Our deployment planning services help streamline the initial planning and discovery process, as well as provide that necessary training to get you and your organization up to speed on how to best utilize SharePoint and Microsoft 365 effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you create a modern, efficient, and streamlined digital workplace!

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