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How to Make a Custom Teams App Available to Everyone in Your Org

I usually write about branding stuff like making custom themes and creating site designs, but today I am to switching gears a bit and focusing on Making a Custom Teams App Available for Everyone in your Organization! Using Teams’ App Policies, it’s easy to give all your users access to a standard set of apps, without them having to add those apps to their Teams installation manually.

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Embracing the Modern SharePoint Part 2: Site Scripts & Site Designs

I figured I should finally get around to writing the follow-up to my last post in this series, which touched on creating modern themes.  I also will be hosting a webinar where I combine the points addresses in both Part 1 and Part 2 Blog posts (Themes, Site Scripts, and Site Design).  

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Embracing the Modern SharePoint: A Designer’s Perspective (Part 1)

This is part one of what will hopefully become a multi-part series on embracing Modern SharePoint from the perspective of a designer.

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