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Is It Time for an Intranet Upgrade?

It’s Monday morning. Time to work. The weekend is rapidly fading into a distant memory. You pour coffee into your mug, then reluctantly settle in at your desk, hoping the caffeine kicks in soon so you can begin the arduous task of tracking down the quarterly expense reports. You need to find the expense summary page on the intranet to begin, but you can’t quite remember where that page lives in the intranet.

After firing up your web browser, the familiar, yet clunky and (let’s be honest here) ugly company intranet greets you. Scrolling down the page, you don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the first block of content you see because it’s usually a couple of months out of date and rarely relevant to your needs. Instead, you embark on a quest through a seemingly endless list of links, desperately searching for the one that takes you to the expense report summary.

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