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5 Reasons SharePoint Training is Necessary

Modern SharePoint has hit its stride. It’s been around for a while now, and it’s much more intuitive and easier to build lists, libraries, and pages than ever before. But it’s still important to consider that training is an integral part of a successfully implemented intranet, especially when you’re ready to make the switch to modern SharePoint sites.

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Maybe Your Coworkers Aren’t Telling You Everything

If you really think about it, is it possible your coworkers aren’t telling you important information about your work world? When we meet with customers, we have encountered an odd phenomenon: we send the invites, we announce our roles within Pait Group and how we hope to help with their project. Then we spend the next hour listening to the customers being completely surprised by everything their coworkers say.

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A Plan for Securing Your Tenant (Even if Everything Looks Like It Is Working)

Here is the truth. The beloved term “best practices” is almost meaningless in a system as complex and flexible as Microsoft 365. The services of Microsoft 365 can be configured in radically different ways to limit or expand their reach into the world, and you have to determine what best represents your organization's way of working.

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Embracing the Beauty of Being Disconnected: Contemplations in a Parking Lot

“No internet connection.” 

Cue the eyeroll, audible groan, and heavy sigh as perhaps the three most feared words of our modern culture appeared on my phone’s screen.

I was sitting in my car in a parking lot of a nondescript office park, waiting for my wife and daughter to finish an appointment in one of the businesses. As they walked inside, I (almost instinctively) pulled my phone out of my pocket and logged in, as most people tend to do these days when faced with the threat of Having To Wait With Nothing To Do.

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Modern Workplace Therapy

As a Modern Workplace consultant with an emphasis in Microsoft 365, I deliver solutions architected in SharePoint Online with Teams and Power Platform. I could call myself a developer, an architect, a consultant, a data specialist etc. but I prefer to refer to myself as a therapist. It started out jokingly, but now that I’ve been an IT Professional for over 10 years, I’m more convinced than ever that I chose the right title.

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Happiness at Work and in Microsoft 365

Happy August!

I know several parents of school-aged kids are happy because the kiddos are heading back to school soon. Perhaps that’s part of why August is Happiness Happens Month. Did you know that was a thing? I didn’t until I started looking at the variety of National days and observances in August, for a little marketing inspiration. This caught my eye and I immediately started writing.

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