Customizing your Firstline Worker Communications

Let's start off by stating upfront Firstline Worker Communications does not come in one size fits all.  Different work sites and industries have their own unique challenges in delivering the appropriate information to their workers in general, let alone those direct to the Firstline.  As eloquently stated in a 2018 Forbes article on going digital and the firstline worker Digital transformation is a top-to-bottom process of rethinking what business you’re in and how to employ technological advantage to better meet the needs of customers. To get there, you need the full participation and engagement of everyone in your company, from the boardroom to the firstline."

In this Part 2 of our Firstline Worker Communication Series (if you missed Part 1 have no fear check it out), we present a few real-world scenarios of what can be customized along with key considerations to ensure business critical information makes it to the Firstline.   We will take a peek into:

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6 Key Considerations for Successful Firstline Worker Communications

Firstline workers have become most essential workers in most organizations and essential for us all to get the products and services needed in our daily lives. 

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The Day Outlook Became My Secretary

I feel that I’ve been tricked. Okay, maybe “tricked” is a harsh word, but let’s put it this way: I’ve seen a bit of the future, I like it, and I’m not sure if and when it’s coming back.

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Multipliers and Success with SharePoint (or any new technology)

I’m reading a book right now called Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter (by Liz Wiseman). It’s about accessing the intelligence and potential of people in organizations. I ask you not to stop here, as this is not a book review. In fact, I’m still in the first chapter, but it has me thinking a lot about my personal impact on my own organization and even more so, about all of my IT contacts at their individual businesses that I consult with. I want to start this article with some information from the beginning of the book, because I hear this issue surface constantly and it sets the stage so perfectly for what I want to talk about.

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A Tale of Two Keyboards – A lesson for clients and consultants

I was looking at my backlog of work this morning, trying to figure out which task to tackle first. Which email do I respond to? Should I finally finish my December expenses? Prep for one of the many meetings I have scheduled for today??

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Managed Metadata: Filter LVWP in SP2013 using JavaScript


PAITgroup was tasked with migrating an existing Site Collection from SharePoint 2007 On-Premise to SharePoint 2013 for Office 365. As a part of this proof-of-concept (POC) we wanted to show what it would be like to migrate the site collection as-is as well as show what we would do to improve upon their existing architecture while utilizing the sexy new feature of SharePoint 2013 like managed navigation.

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