Modern Workplace Therapy

As a Modern Workplace consultant with an emphasis in Microsoft 365, I deliver solutions architected in SharePoint Online with Teams and Power Platform. I could call myself a developer, an architect, a consultant, a data specialist etc. but I prefer to refer to myself as a therapist. It started out jokingly, but now that I’ve been an IT Professional for over 10 years, I’m more convinced than ever that I chose the right title.

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Key Considerations of a Hybrid Work Model

Let's face it we really don't live in an all or nothing world (even though some of us would like to think we do).  So now that the world has experienced what it's like to work remotely, do we really think everyone wants to go back to the way thing were structured and solely work in an office environment.   Similarly continuing to work remotely most likely won't be the case. However, it does bring forth new possibilities for a hybrid workplace.  A workplace where some employees conduct their work 100% at a physical office, some work completely remotely, and others split their time between working from home and the physical office.

To discover what this may look like to your organization you will need to dig into the following:

  • How can an organization effectively work together in a hybrid workplace?
  • In what areas should there be an increased investment ?

Let's approach each of these questions individually.

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Technology Is Changing- How Can we Keep Up?

In the first part of this blog series, I summarized Phil Sorgen’s speech at WPC 2014. He talked about the promises that Microsoft is making to its partners, and I talked about the promises that PAITgroup is making in return. In this section, we’re shifting gears a little bit to talk about how businesses have to change to keep up with technology. We no longer have to look at technology sales as a cold call scenario—customers these days know what they’re buying because they do the research. So what are we to do? Enter Tiffani Bova, Vice President of Gartner Research.

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