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Creating an Organization Asset Library

Modern SharePoint pages make adding images about as easy as it could be. You can drag and drop an image from your desktop right onto a SharePoint page. You can add an Image web part and browse your site for an existing image. Haven’t uploaded the image yet? You can do that too from the image picker. What’s more, there is a robust stock image library that Microsoft has provided. Still can’t find what you’re after? Do a web search and use an image from a website (only licensed images, of course!).  

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What is the Next Step? Have a Plan!

Business is a dynamic thing; we work in our business world for years, and something will come up and we will think, "well, we knew it would happen one day..." Yet we still don't have a solid plan for what to do. People leave, and suddenly we must scramble to adapt. Promotions, department moves, all normal things that happen in an organization that somehow catch us by surprise.

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