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What is the Next Step? Have a Plan!

Posted by: Stephen Wilson on February 13, 2024

Business is a dynamic thing; we work in our business world for years, and something will come up and we will think, "well, we knew it would happen one day..." Yet we still don't have a solid plan for what to do. People leave, and suddenly we must scramble to adapt. Promotions, department moves, all normal things that happen in an organization that somehow catch us by surprise.

For all these things, an organization should have a basic plan for how to respond. For example, what do you do when an employee leaves? Every employee may bring some special wrinkle to the process, but for the basics, what do you have to do? Do you need to forward their new emails to someone, or does someone just have to check their mailbox every now and then?  Do we need to get all their files off their devices and store them somewhere, or did we already have all their files stored in the cloud? Once we know where all their files are, who should be able to access them? It isn't all immediate “life and death” decision-making stuff, but it is good to at least have a clear plan to start with. If you have that basic plan, it can be much easier to implement a resolution more efficiently because you may have prepared most of the steps and only need to look at what exceptions may be required. Whether you have created a Power App or a PowerShell script to execute your plan, or if you execute it manually step-by-step, the basic plan of how to deal with staff departures is where the effort really should be. Implementation is just a detail.  

Once you have the plan, you often have time to build HOW you get it done. It is when you don't have a plan that you need to scramble. In many ways that is true for most governance. If you have created a thoughtful, complete plan for when people leave your organization, or when someone gets a promotion, a solid plan makes crafting a successful way to implement that plan easier. 

Automating a task needs a plan. Using AI to complete a task requires that you define for the AI what completing that task means. Automating the plan requires having a list of the steps for building the automation. It all starts with the Plan.  


Credit: Pexels,, via Pixabay

If you have a good plan, call us and we can help build an implementation that can make your job faster, reliable, and automatable. If you don't have a good plan. definitely call us, and we can help you find the questions you need to ask to make a good one.  

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