Can Microsoft Teams replace your SharePoint Intranet?

Short answer…Absolutely Not.

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Embracing the Modern SharePoint Part 2: Site Scripts & Site Designs

Update November 2021

Time to make some updates to this post! Microsoft has recently made some changes to the terminology and user interface (UI) for the process that this blog post covers. Thanks to the new updates, Site Designs are now called Site Templates. So anywhere you may see the term Site Design or Site Template within SharePoint, this post, or other articles covering the same topic, know that they are the same thing with a new name. The basic functionality remains the same – we can apply our own custom themes, create libraries, set some branding properties, edit the navigation, and more. The only major differences with this update are that the UI has changed for applying templates, templates have to be applied after the fact (not during site creation in the admin center anymore), and Microsoft has also opted to include several pre-built templates for you to use as well.

This post has been updated to change most of the references of “site design” to “site template” (the exception here is the PowerShell cmdlets – they still use the term “site design”), and also to describe how to apply the templates within the updated UI.

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Microsoft Ignite Announcements

It’s been a whirlwind of excitement, announcements,  and networking here in Orlando at Microsoft Ignite. If you’ve been too busy to watch all of the sessions online, here is a quick snapshot of what’s been going on. 

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New Announcements from Microsoft showing their commitment to the Intelligent Workplace

Microsoft kicked off the keynote address at SharePoint Conference North America with a quick history reminder of the industrial revolutions of the past and noting we are undergoing the 4th revolution, Digital.     There is a transformation of the way we work and operate thus creating a more inclusive and engaged workplace culture; an intelligent workplace.

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Top 5 Tips to succeed with Modern SharePoint

Last month Stephanie Donahue, President of PAIT Group, and Dan Stoll, VP of Product Technology at Hyperfish, collaborated on a webinar where the focus was to share practical tips and first hand experiences to start your Modern SharePoint journey and get the best of both classic and modern pages.

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