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Transitioning off InfoPath Forms, try-out these steps with StratusForms

Recently I wrote a blog post urging all of you fine folks to stop creating new forms in InfoPath.  It’s time to start taking the InfoPath end of life seriously and start looking at what the future of your forms in SharePoint looks like.

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Creating a QnA Chat Bot using LUIS, SharePoint, PowerApps And Flow

In my previous blog post we created a Chat Bot using Azure Static Web Sites, LUIS, SharePoint, Logic Apps, and Microsoft Teams. I had a blast digging into all the technologies and making them work together.

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What do you get when you combine Azure Static Web Sites, LUIS, SharePoint Online, Logic Apps, and Microsoft Teams?

Sometimes you just have to punt on the title of your blog post and let SEO do the heavy lifting.

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Is It Time to Give Up SharePoint Classic Sites?

If you are an Office 365 user then you’ve no doubt experienced SharePoint’s new Modern sites by now. These sites are simple, elegant, and mobile friendly. Modern sites come with a lot of great web parts and they are definitely the future of SharePoint sites.

We actually did a Techsplaining podcast about Modern sites that you can listen to as well: Techsplaining Episode 13-Demystifying “modern” in the O365 world

But what about your Classic sites? For those of you not familiar with the distinction, Classic sites are just normal SharePoint sites that you’ve been using for years. So, to you, “Classic” sites are just your normal SharePoint sites.

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The Best Free Forms Solution for SharePoint

In all my years of working in SharePoint, there has been one consistent need from users: Forms… Better looking forms… more powerful forms… mobile friendly forms… There has ALWAYS been a need for a better forms experience in SharePoint. To help address this need, I created a forms solution for SharePoint several years ago called StratusForms. StratusForms allows you to create forms in SharePoint using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and works for SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and Office 365. The goal of StratusForms was to remove limitations of form creation in SharePoint and to get developers off of InfoPath.

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Using to Create Custom Calendars in SharePoint

One of the demos I teach during my SharePoint client side development workshops is how to use one of my favorite jQuery libraries With this easy to use and quite powerful library you can create some pretty awesome calendar views for your lists and libraries in SharePoint.

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