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Loop: Microsoft's Newest Multitool

Posted by: Stephen Wilson on April 24, 2023

Microsoft recently released the Microsoft Loop app into Public Preview. Microsoft Loop isn't new, it has been around since 2021, but this new app unifies some of the working components that already exist in Teams, Outlook, and Dynamics 365. The Microsoft Loop app extends the components unifying them into a convenient interface. This is a Public Preview, so there are some things that are not completely smooth. The Loop app allows quick collaboration and sharing, with features of note taking and task management adapted from the tools that already use Loop components like OneNote and Teams. Even experimental features such as a Co-Pilot are quickly working into the app. 

Normally this would be a time where I would write up the process for enabling the Loop app in your environment, but an excellent guide for that has already been written by Tamine Mokdissi, Product Manager on Microsoft Loop. Setup needs to be done by a Global administrator in your tenant, but the process is quick to enable, though it may take up to 24 hours (but likely far less) to fully activate. There is already a lot of buzz written about the Loop app in general, so there are plenty of places where you can see explanations of the features it contains. I am interested in something else.

How do you hope to use the Microsoft Loop app? 

Will it be your go-to notetaking app? A new personal or Team task tracker that ties into several components, so you don't have to flip between apps? Something else entirely? This technology is interesting, the obvious things it can do add flexibility to what you are already using, but what do you see as its game-changing hook? Send us an email! Contact and let us know what problems you hope to solve with Microsoft's latest app.

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