Three uses of Office 365 in Crisis Communication

Posted by: Stacy Burris on March 11, 2020

In times of crisis it is important to not only create a clear message, but a solid foundation on how to deliver and communicate that message across an organization. As an organization scales what seems simple to communicate often can become complex. Remember the game of telephone (do kids these days still play that game?). You start out with one message and by the time the message go to the last person, it was NOT the original message. This is where technology comes in, such as the tools within Microsoft suite of productivity tools.

Check out these options that you can implement:

  1. Create a SharePoint Communication Site      
  2. Utilize PowerApps to not only communicate a message, but to report status.     
  3. Combine the use of tools such as Microsoft Teams & Power Platform  
    1. Power Platform= Power Automate + PowerApps + PowerBI


Office 365 crisis communication tools


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