SharkMeet Columbus: PAITgroup Grabs a Byte

Posted by: Stephanie Donahue on September 22,2014
Molded from the ABC hit TV Show Shark Tank, local IT community organizer  IT Martini hosted SharkMeet yesterday in the beautiful confines of Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio. I was on hand to represent PAITgroup, and the weather god’s couldn’t have blessed the attendees with a more gorgeous fall evening. Free cuisine, beverages, and an energy in the air fabricated a truly special SharkMeet experience, as folks from all walks of life–local entrepreneurs and start ups, ambitious venture capitalists, and your standard fans of the reality series–were on hand bear witness to the competition.

SharkMeet was created by local partners and organizers as “a business pitch competition for entrepreneurs seeking to fund game changing products and apps with investments from venture capitalist ‘sharks'”. Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, a staple ‘shark’ in ABC’s Emmy-award winning show, kicked things off with a short but powerful speech on business and entrepreneurship. He noted a staggering 97% of America’s employers are small businesses, and PAITgroup proudly falls into that group. If you’ve stopped by the blog to get some insight into Mr. Wonderful’s tips for start ups, you’re in luck! We noted his big three must-dos to get financed.

1. Pitch in 90 seconds or less. Making your pitch simple, fluid and understandable in a minute and a half was essential to getting investors on board

2. Articulate how YOU are the right person or team. What separates you from the competition and other similar business? Why should I select you?

3. Know your numbers. In 100%– yes, all– cases of investment, the party knew their numbers. Make sure you or someone on the team can answer any questions from potential investors honestly and knowledgeably.

After Mr. Wonderful’s wonderful insight (sorry for that one), he joined the rest of the panel–Rich Langdale of NCT Ventures and serial entrepreneurs Tanisha Robinson and Luke Westerman–for the main event. The entrepreneurs on hand–MedPAC, Weed Zinger, Enforcers Technologies,Inlightened, and Rekovo–all had 9 minutes to make their cases and partake in a Q & A from the panel.

After a successful SharkMeet, PAITgroup is looking forward to attending and contributing to other IT Martini’s functions to talk start up, business, and our bread and butter– Microsoft SharePoint.

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