SharePoint Online Readiness Checklist

Posted by: Stephanie Donahue on September 10,2015

Is your organization ready for SharePoint Online? There are a number of factors that will determine whether an organization decides whether to keep SharePoint on-premises, go online, or implement a hybrid scenario when upgrading to SharePoint 2013. Below, I've created a checklist that highlights some of the key factors that influence this decision. The most important thing to understand is that the term hybrid does not refer to a standard configuration.  Hybrid can refer to a number of different scenarios that involve using some on-premises features in combination with online features. Most commonly we hear about hybrid search results, but hybrid may also refer to the redirection of users to OneDrive in the cloud from an on-prem server, the integration of Yammer, the use of SharePoint Online as an extranet to compliment an on-premises intranet, etc.  There are a lot of nice options that allow you to take advantage of all the features available without feeling locked into going one way or the other.

The SharePoint Online Readiness checklist provides high level recommendations for whether to choose on-premises, online, or hybrid. K2 is a third party tool that is noted for scenarios that cannot be met “out of the box”.




Full control of environment is preferred

Updates need to be controlled, tested, and monitored

Quick and easy upgrade is needed

Need to connect to line of business systems but do not have skilled/senior developers on staff

Performance for remote locations is not a concern

SharePoint Server maintenance can be supported on-premises

Managing external user accounts in active directory or forms based authentication is preferred

New features are readily accepted and adopted

Mobile Apps are a priority

Server maintenance is not desired or cannot be supported

High availability and redundancy are important, but budget doesn't support those needs on-premises

Aging hardware, unsupported software, and/or lack of virtual resources and storage is an issue

Data encryption in motion and at rest is a priority

Connecting to on-premises is not a priority or highly skilled developers are on staff to handle connectivity to on-premises line of business systems

Desire to replace box and dropbox with OneDrive for Business

Desire to take advantage of free external users AND to not be responsible for managing the associated user accounts

Desire to integrate SharePoint with Yammer

Desire for an on-premises environment to control data, but wish to utilize OneDrive for Business in SharePoint Online

Ability to search across SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises

Drag and Drop Forms and no-code workflows are a priority

Guaranteed upgrade path for forms is needed

Requirement to connect multiple data connections together

Requirement to have workflows run between on-premises and online

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