SharePoint Administrator Tony Maddin speaks at NKYSPUG

Posted by: Stephanie Donahue on January 10, 2014

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On January 9th, our very own Crouching Tony, Hidden Maddin shed some light on the "Evolution of the SharePoint Administrator" while speaking at the NKYSPUG meeting. With the switch to The Cloud looming over our heads, some SharePoint Administrators fear that they may become obsolete. Sensei Tony seeks to eliminate that doubt with a little bit of inspiration. Instead of being afraid of this change, Tony encourages us to embrace it.

Here are some inspirational highlights:

  • Dramatic shifts provide some benefits- They force you to "adapt or die" and they foster innovation and change.
  • Reevaluate yourself- Is change all that bad? Continue your education, use your imagination, be fearless. What if tomorrow isn't promised?
  • Career impact- Learning is continuous, how can your current knowledge grow? How will this shift affect your business practices?
  • Self reflection- Are you valuable or costly? Current or obsolete?
  • Fight or flight- Fight to adapt and overcome in your current career. Flight might lead to a new era with new opportunities.
  • Transformation- Use your familiar processes and data to break out of your comfort zone. Continuously improve those processes. Become a business leader as well as a technical leader.
  • Know things stronger- Your current IT skill set is a foundation for change
  • Expanding roles- Your future is up to you, and it is ever growing.

Tony also shares the story of his own transformation as a SharePoint Administrator. He started his career in ColdFusion programming before he moved into the world of system administrators. Now that so much of that administrative work is done in The Cloud, he sees this as an opportunity to transition back into programming. His own ability to transform demonstrates the flexibility that he so strongly believes is important to survive this technological shift.

Finally, Tony urges the SharePoint Administrator to evolve into Systems Integrator, and embrace the transformation.

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