PAIT's Stephanie Donahue Named AvePoint Community Champion

Posted by: Nick Battaglia on December 7, 2018

Recently, PAIT Group's President and Microsoft MVP Stephanie Donahue was named an AvePoint Community Champion. Community Champions..."are trusted advisors and respected influencers within the Microsoft technical community. They have a passion for the latest technology innovations and are always giving back to the broader community." 

So...what does this mean?

As PAIT and AvePoint share the same goal of maximizing investment in Office 365, AvePoint teams up with Champions like Stephanie to take your business to the next level. Recently, our two organization's teamed up for

AvePoint's "Ask Us Anything: Migrating Smarter, Not Harder" webinar. In conjunction with AvePoint VP Mary Leigh Mackie, Stephanie discussed specific migrations challenges, including  planning/budgeting, migration assessment tools and options, and post migration issues. 

Additionally,  Stephanie's thought leadership is recognized globally in the community, including leading sessions at SharePoint Conference, North American Collaboration Summit, SharePoint Saturday's, and this week's SharePoint Fest in Chicago.

PAIT Group is a partner of AvePoint. Our two organizations work together to help clients solve their problems around Office 365 governance, backup and storage, compliance, and much more!

Find out how we can help your business today.

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