Issues with March Cumulative Update (Updated!)

Posted by: Stephanie Donahue on March 3,2015

For those of you still running SharePoint 2013 on-premises this article is for you!

We have a big issue that we need to communicate out to all of our customers –

Microsoft decided for a short time to push SharePoint updates through WSUS with Windows Server updates.  You may have also heard that many organizations protested and then Microsoft relented.  (If you are wondering why this was a bad idea, please see my article here)

Meanwhile, we have some customers that had already (knowingly) pushed their SharePoint updates through WSUS.  The problem for them has become two-fold:

  1. Those that hadn’t run their SharePoint updates for quite some time needed to run the SharePoint config wizard before their environment would run properly again.
    Example:  The farm appeared to be healthy but custom InfoPath forms were not opening
  2. The March cumulative update has a major bug which keeps users from utilizing list view filters. Both of our customers that had pushed updates had received this update which had only been released a couple weeks prior.

Another example: If you have 4000 items in a list, neatly organized into views based on a choice field, that view no longer works.  What’s worse, is that not all lists are affected and you may not immediately realize this issue impacts you.

For those that have already installed the March cumulative update, Microsoft is saying we’ll need to wait a month for the next cumulative update to get the fix.  If the thought of rolling back your environment isn’t an option, then we suggest a workaround like this from Mark Rackley:  SharePoint REST and

Long story short – don’t push SharePoint updates through WSUS.  Don’t install the March Cumulative Update!


Update from Microsoft:

The task list filtering issue was reported by others prior to the March cumulative update.  Since a number of updates were applied at the time of the March CU, they will not confirm that the issue is specifically focused on the March cumulative update. However, they have not yet determined the source of the issue or the specific update that caused it.

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