How Microsoft Teams Can Be Used Thru a Normal Work Day

Posted by: Stacy Burris on June 03, 2019

Microsoft_Teams_256x256Have you ever been introduced to a new idea or concept and wished there was a way to envision how this could possibly impact you and/or certain sections of your organization?  For those visual learners out there, Microsoft did us a huge favor and produced a series called Day in the life; Microsoft Teams.  They created different flyers each specific to an industry or job function and shows how Teams can be used through the course of a normal working day.

Check these out for yourself:

Marketing Sales
Human Resources Finance
Compliance Construction
 IT Manager Service Engineer
Retail Associate Retail Manager

  • If you are looking for additional resources on getting started with Teams,  check out this webinar from Joy Of SharePoint (Joy T Apple).
  • If you have already gotten started, and need a little more information regarding governance in Teams, this webinar is right up your alley.
  • However, should you and your organization require additional assistance and would like a team of experts by your side, Contact the team at PAIT Group.    We will be able to assess, evaluate, plan and implement.   Contact us today.


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