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Posted by: Nick Battaglia on August 4,2016

As a daily continuous end user of the Microsoft Office Suite within Office 365 + SharePoint Online, I've experienced my fair share of third party tools-- anything to make my day more efficient, right? One that has really stood out over the years is the SharePoint application, I specifically use this app for storing, sharing, and even editing documents in Microsoft Outlook.

I'm an account manager with a technical background that flirts with the "competent" level on a regular basis; is one of the easier apps to set up and subsequently use that I've utilized in the Office 365/SharePoint Online space. I'll walk you through what is and how it can add value to you and your organization.

So, (yep, all lowercase)- what is it?

I won't recreate the wheel here since the site does a solid job of identifying their own: Email brings together all your Microsoft collaboration tools into a single screen experience right in Outlook or Notes, on your desktop. Business users (just like me!) can share documents and collaborate with colleagues using SharePoint/Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Office Online, Lync, email, and Yammer… all with a single app.

As someone who uploads and shares documents as part of the daily ritual of my role, I specifically work within as an app in Outlook. There are some great screen shots here that lays out what that looks like similar to my own set up.

How do I set it up?

  1. Click here for a *free* download link and follow their step by step instructions
  2. I utilize it in my Outlook 2013 set up. As you can see, here it is in my top navigation:
  3. outlook
  4. To link a SharePoint site like I did "Marketing" above, simply select the dropdown arrow next to the Home icon "Add Site", then fill in your Microsoft credentials
  5. add a site harmon
  6. Click OK. You should then be able to navigate the site within the app in Outlook a la the screenshot in Step 3.

How does it add value to my organization?

To understand just how helpful this app has been, I'll walk you through a step by step of my pre- and post- processes. Here is an example of receiving a signed statement of work (pdf or Word document) from a client in my sales role.

  1. Receive email with document attached
  2. Right Click "Save As" document in Outlook
  3. Save to OneDrive or Desktop
  4. Open Chrome
  5. Go to Office 365
  6. Open SharePoint Online
  7. Go to Sales site within SharePoint
  8. Go to the correct Client Document Set
  9. Go to Upload File and then Browse
  10. Find newly saved Document
  11. Upload File
  12. Right Click "Properties"
  13. Select appropriate Content types
  14. Click Save

As you can see, a lot of clicking and navigating and not a lot of fun. The word "tedious'' comes to mind.

Now, let's see what the process looks like after I've downloaded the app.

  1. Receive email with document attached
  2. Use's drag and drop functionality within Outlook to place document within the linked SharePoint site (as outlined under "How do I set it up?")
  3. Right Click document "Edit Properties"
  4. Select appropriate Content types
  5. Click Save

And just like that, 9 steps eliminated.

Here is a screenshot of what a SharePoint site looks like in Outlook via the app. There are subsites, document libraries, and lists (not shown below). You should see your site in full:



This is only the tip of the iceberg-- the app offers a lot more functionality too! The site is filled with additional great information on benefits and features, screenshots and more.

For more information on any helpers on SharePoint-- whether that be third party apps, implementations, support, name it-- we have you covered. You can reach out to us at!


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