Going Mobile with SharePoint 2013

Posted by: Stephanie Donahue on April 8,2015

Mobile use has exploded across the market and has bled into corporate America.  We have everything on our cell phones these days – from email to games to the ability to order pizza. Oh yah, you can call people too! As part of the planning for your next SharePoint upgrade – have you considered mobile use? As the “Bring your own device” or BYOD concept continues to grow, we are seeing a dramatic need for accessing company information from personal devices.  This leaves our Information Technology departments in quite a bind.

  • How do we make sure users can access company data on a mobile device?
  • How do we make sure it’s secure if that device is stolen?
  • How do we protect our data once an employee leaves the organization?

If you are planning an upgrade to SharePoint 2013 On-Premises or SharePoint Online, you may be pretty excited about the mobile possibilities. There are a number of topics you should be considering as part of your rollout.

  1. Deciding whether or not to make SharePoint available externally if you are on-premises
  2. Apps – know and understand which apps are available to use with your SharePoint environment
  3. Understanding and planning for SharePoint mobile views and how they differ from responsive design.
  4. Understanding which site templates are NOT available in the default SharePoint mobile view
  5. Taking advantage of Office Web Apps (loading documents in the browser)
  6. OneDrive for Business management
  7. Security and Microsoft Intune options
  8. Forms and InfoPath limitations on mobile devices
  9. Third party tools and easy workflow approvals on mobile

For those that think mobile isn’t that big of a deal yet, just remember that Microsoft’s new vision statement is “Mobile-First/Cloud-First”.   Supporting BYOD in the enterprise as a top priority has never been greater, as leaders of many organizations put the pressure on for cloud technologies and mobile support.

Stay tuned to this mobile series as we discuss these topics in more detail.

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