Expanding your SharePoint and Office 365 Knowledge at SPFest Seattle

Posted by: Nick Battaglia on June 15,2017

Have you ever found yourself on the front page of Google search, ready to type another "How To..." something something SharePoint?  If you're like me, a simpleton (account manager), with a light background in SharePoint and Office 365, this may be a common occurence. Luckily, I have a fountain of knowledge on staff to help me out when I get stuck; that is to say, we eat our own dog food here at PAIT:)

Case in point: Our development lead Mark Rackley: you may have downloaded one of his solutions only to find it’s not quite what you need, or perhaps you wished you had the ability to modify one of these solutions to make it “just right”?

Maybe you’ve been doing server side development for years and, now that you’ve moved to SharePoint Online you're stuck in a rut...

Heck, you could even be a "noob" in all things SharePoint/Office 365 and are just now dipping your toes into the vast world of it all.

With that being said, here's a chance to learn about the widely casted net in various areas in SharePoint Online and Office 365 at SPFest Seattle on August 8th-1tth. Should you choose to be amibitious, here are some options:

Mark will be presenting two ½ day workshops on client side development in SharePoint. He's also lined up to lead a couple of other sessions at the conference as well: (WS501, WS603, SRC103, PWR204)



In the first ½ day workshop “A Beginner’s Guide to Client Side Development in SharePoint” Mark will walk you through the very basics on getting started including:

  • The pros and cons of client side development and how to get started
  • How to effectively interact with SharePoint using JavaScript to build powerful applications without the need for Visual Studio
  • What is jQuery and how to use it effectively
  • Debugging techniques that will stop you from wanting to pull your hair out
  • How to modify SharePoint’s default forms quickly and easily

In the second ½ day workshop “A Deeper Dive into Client Side Development in SharePoint”, he will go to the next level with a TON of examples including how to create many of the solutions featured on his blog. Among the topics will cover:

  • How to use Third Party Libraries to take the SharePoint applications to the next level
  • How to use REST and JSOM to interact with SharePoint list data and create business logic

If time is kind, Mark might even dive into the new SharePoint Framework in his workshops.

His techniques will translate to SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and Office 365. Mark's guidance and sessions act as an ideal stepping stone for those interested in doing more complex development using SharePoint Add-Ins and the new SharePoint Framework.

"Hey man, what if i'm not a developer or even an administrator, though? That is to say, what if I'm like you, Account Manager?"

SPFest should still be worth your consideration for a couple of reasons! Maybe you're brand new to SharePoint and Office 365 without much planning or training to lean on? Maybe you’ve been using SharePoint On Premises for years and are now being pushed to the cloud and are at a loss? There are workshops just for you as well.

Our president and another Microsoft MVP Stephanie Donahue is also presenting a workshop (WS602) on deployment planning where you can get critical information and ideas for your organization, including:

  • The big decision – SharePoint 2013 v 2016 v SharePoint Online
  • Upgrade planning – what to be aware of
  • Site Architecture, Taxonomy, and Governance– tips, tools, and best practices
  • Phased deployment – it’s not over once you upgrade!  (in the workshop version, this could be Building your Deployment plan)
  • User Adoption and Training – introducing a new version of SharePoint and keeping users excited

Stephanie also has a couple of sessions she’s presenting on mobile (ADM102) and productivity (ECM201).

The breadth of knowledge and experience with SharePoint and Office 365 isn't reserved to just us here at PAIT Group, either: The lineup includes impressive, international speakers on everything from development, administration, BI, search, power apps, flow, and much more.  In short, you don't have to be a developer, designer, architect, or even an admin: Anyone who uses SharePoint and/or Office 365 on the daily will find value at SPFest.


Use code “RackleySeattle100” or "DonahueSeattle100save $100 off registration

We hope to see you there!

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