Employee Spotlight: Relationship Building & Customer Commitment.

Posted by: Stacy Burris on November 5,2021

Engagement and ongoing supportPAIT Group is proud to announce its newest addition to the team,  Shahroze Bari.    In the role of Engagement Manager, Shahroze adds to the PAIT Group tradition of hiring employees who are passionate about bringing successful adoption & use of Microsoft 365.   

Born and raised in Pakistan, Shahroze moved to America as an 11-year-old to further his education and set the foundation for a career.  During his years as a student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Shahroze developed a spirit for relationship building.  In the five years since graduation, he cultivated a formula that marries an understanding of both relationship building and customer eccentricity.    

In his new role as Engagement Manager, Shahroze works alongside our Modern Workplace Strategists (Joy Apple and Richard Calderon) to provide ongoing customer support during customer managed services contracts.  Ultimately providing continuity between projects, identifying needs, and connecting with the right resources.   Additionally, offering quarterly cadences to ensure satisfaction with our support program.

If you are interested in developing an ongoing strategic plan that works toward streamlining communication and collaboration within the Microsoft 365 stack, contact the team at PAIT Group.    

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