Combined Knowledge: A Quick Catch-All to their SharePoint Training

Posted by: Nick Battaglia on August 26,2015

Training and education—buzzwords you know well but perhaps don’t do enough about; you’re not alone. Many organizations adopting SharePoint use their budgets for planning and implementation, but sometimes training is left on the side. This can be problematic for your users as they may be overwhelmed, which can lead to resentment and poor long-term user adoption. It’s akin to handing the keys to a new sports car to a 16 year who has never driven stick shift—it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and what follows can be less-than-ideal.

Luckily, Combined Knowledge exists! Combined Knowledge is partnered with PAIT Group as our go-to for clients interested in SharePoint training at a competitive price. Here’s what you need to know--our quick catch-all guide-- for our choice product, their SharePoint Support+:

What is it?

- Support+ is a large library of help items and actions which are delivered instantly to the user's desktop through multiple avenues, including video, interactive video, How-To’s, and Step-by-Step’s

-Think of it as a YouTube for SharePoint…minus the troll comments underneath the videos; add step-by-step guides, interactive video options, and screenshots.

combined knowledge This a screenshot of a SharePoint Support+ video on How to Move a Web Part.

How does it add value to my organization?

-Ease of use and access will cut back on time for your internal folks/help desk/ etc. Its integration with Outlook lets your users get in touch with their support quickly too.

-With over 1,000 topics covered, it’s a reliable, efficient spot your users can look to for answers… rather than wandering the internet aimlessly.

-Support+ caters to all different types of learners, whether you’re visual (step-by-steps, quick videos), audible (CBT videos), or hands on (interactive learning CBT videos)

-Their interactive CBT module promotes time-based learning in order to help user’s retain the information.

What are my options to deployment?

On Premises

You have two options here:

  1. You can install the App in your SharePoint site from the online marketplace (works for both O365 and on-premises)
  2. You can be supplied with the App file and deploy that in your own local App Catalogue (in your on-premises SharePoint set-up)

SharePoint Online/Office 365

You will need to supply your tenant URL (ex: We’ll have your back once you get here with a step-by-step guide!

Ok, Mr. Salesman, what’s the price on this?

Dependent on SharePoint version, number of users, and length of commitment. Please contact us at for more info and a demo!


Do you have training or education need? Be it video-based or instructor-led, we at PAIT Group can help. Feel free to contact us at and we’d be happy to discuss your needs.


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