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Six Reasons you Should STILL Hire a Consultant

No one could have predicted how the workplace (and world) would change between 2014 and 2023. MANY of our older blog posts with the hottest new tools and updates have aged like milk, where some are aging like a fine wine. Here are the same six reasons you should hire a consultant, but with a few added points. 

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Decoding the Puzzle: Navigating Power Apps and Power Automate Licensing with Ease

Welcome to the world of Power Platform, where choosing the right license is like solving an intricate puzzle, one that needs to perfectly align with both your business needs and budget. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a large enterprise, understanding the nuances of Power Apps and Power Automate licensing is like finding the secret recipe for digital efficiency. Get ready to explore each license type, understanding their features, costs, and uses, as we break this puzzle down and piece it back together!

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Configuring the Layout of SharePoint Forms Part 2: Conditional Fields

Back in June, I wrote a blog about how you can make default SharePoint forms a bit more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing using “Configure Layout” feature. For me, this is one of those life hacks that became a regular activity in your day-to-day life. Every list I create gets a configured layout form and then I decide if it needs additional functionality, like conditional fields.

Conditional fields in this case are fields that we only show to the user when they’ve provided certain information already. For my example, I’m going to modify the Travel Request form I already formatted. I added a new column for “method of travel” and included two choices: driving and flying. If the user selects flying, then the flight information fields will become visible. If they select driving, then those flight information fields remain hidden. Let’s start.

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