Office 365 Security- A Plan

The tyranny of search engine optimization forced me to give this article that boring title, but honestly I wanted to call it “Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers” . One of the big myths we have in the Information Technology world is that security is a mature and solved problem.  In reality we just want to get the baby buggy bumpers in place to keep us from hitting our heads on sharp corners, we have to keep watching for risks and adapting our plans as the landscape becomes clearer.

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WFH Series: Find immediate ROI in Microsoft 365 (by replacing third party tools)

One of the first things we do when we are running a discovery session with our customers, is talk about all of the third party tools they are using. Why is that?  Well, we know our customer has just invested in Microsoft 365, and they want to make the most of their investment.  It’s time to look for all of the band-aids that all of the different departments have put into place (watch webinar on shadow IT) and look for a better, more cohesive solution. Why pay for all of those tools when you already own them in Microsoft 365?

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Embracing the Modern SharePoint Part 2: Site Scripts & Site Designs

I figured I should finally get around to writing the follow-up to my last post in this series, which touched on creating modern themes.  I also will be hosting a webinar where I combine the points addresses in both Part 1 and Part 2 Blog posts (Themes, Site Scripts, and Site Design).  

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WFH Series: Are you wasting your Microsoft Teams PSTN Minutes?

Today’s work from home series is for those that manage Microsoft Teams.  I have two questions for you:

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How to play System Audio through a Microsoft Teams Live Event

A helpful feature available in Teams meetings is the ability to share your PC’s audio with the other members of the meeting. However, this feature is absent from Teams Live Events (where it would arguably be more useful). Fortunately, this feature can be recreated with a third-party program and a few settings changes.

NOTE:  Microsoft has updated this feature in Teams Live events.  You can find more information about the updated solution here.

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Microsoft 365 Education: Real-World Quarantine Edition (Day 1) Cont'd

If you missed my Day 1 'Prep' Post - please start here first.

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Microsoft 365 Education: Real-World Quarantine Edition (Day 1)

My heart is heavy today.  After two weeks of “spring break” otherwise known as “Staycation 2020” here in Ohio, it is time for my kids to go back to school. This means it’s time for them to go virtual. It’s not how I had envisioned things this spring but here we are. As someone who teaches others how to ‘remote work’ and collaborate online for a living, we’ve done some work in the education space, but I will admit we haven’t gone to the depths of Microsoft 365 for Education that my kids are about to experience (let’s all admit no one saw this one coming) and so I thought I would blog about it in case other schools and organizations are interested. I know I’m super curious!

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New Ways of Doing the Same Things

This is not about working from home. It is not 10 easy ways to replace in-person meetings with Microsoft Teams. I am going to write about what comes next.

Life after a big disruption.

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Free Teams licensing released from Microsoft

With the sudden surge in employees working from home, Microsoft has responded with a 6-month free trial of Microsoft 365 E1 license, which includes Microsoft Teams. New customers, Exchange Online Only customers or Office 365 Business customers can experience Teams as a hub for collaboration that brings together chat, meetings, and Microsoft 365, all in one place!

If your business is ready to upgrade your work-from-home experience, this is your chance to try it at no cost.

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