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Top 6 Microsoft Teams Lifecycle Management Best Practices

Workplaces have modernized worldwide because of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams makes communication and collaboration more efficient and seamless for organizations. However, if not deployed with forethought Microsoft Teams can deliver its own set of problems. To ensure productivity and optimum utilization of the tool, lifecycle management best practices must be established and executed.

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5 Behaviors Organizations Should Adopt in 2021

Here we are! 2021!  We got off to a bumpy start, but I believe there is reason to be hopeful for a fantastic year!  As we move into 2021 and look at the technology landscape of Microsoft 365, we have a lot of companies who have suddenly been thrust into the cloud.   Some just did the bare minimum to get by while others opened up a whole new world  to their user and the dust is still settling.

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Microsoft Teams Templates: How to get more from Microsoft Teams

Do more with Advanced Microsoft Teams Templating 

Microsoft Teams is an incredibly powerful collaboration tool. It is essential to maintain consistency throughout Microsoft Teams with teams, channels, tabs and more to provide a predictable user experience and adoption growth curve through utilizing Microsoft Teams Templates.  

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The Cost of Failing to Modernize Your Legacy Business Processes

Businesses are always looking for ways to stay current and ensure they are modernizing successfully. This could be ramping up your presence online, improving your design or even using some of the Microsoft Teams applications you need to know about.

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Microsoft Teams Templates 101: Getting Started

Microsoft Teams templates allow you to introduce a pre-defined structure to Teams across your organization so you can maintain consistency throughout your digital workplace. Having consistency across teams and channels has several benefits for both administrators and end-users, making the Microsoft Teams experience much more enjoyable. In this article, we will be taking a deep dive into Microsoft Teams templates, how they work, and how you can utilize them within your organization to drive a more predictable Microsoft Teams user experience.  

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PAIT Group is Home to Three Microsoft MVPs for 2020-2021

PAIT Group is proud to be home to three MVPs that all have been renewed for 2020-2021.

  • Stephanie Donahue, PAIT Group President, has been renewed as a Microsoft MVP for the 5th year.
  • Mark Rackley, PAIT Group Chief Strategy Officer, has been renewed as a Microsoft MVP for the 6th year.
  • Rob Windsor, PAIT Group Sr. Architect, has been renewed as a Microsoft MVP for the 17th year.


Back in 2016, PAIT Group's Mark Rackley proudly wrote about his first renewal as a Microsoft MVP.   Fast forward to today where Mark said, "Obtaining and maintaining MVP status shows our commitment to helping the community while also maintaining our technical skills and staying on top of 'What's next' from Microsoft. Our customers benefit from our close Microsoft relationships and our MVP status helps us guide them in the right direction. It's an honor for any organization to have 1 MVP, let alone 3. I'm proud of what PAIT Group has been able to do to support the community, Microsoft, and our customers thanks to the MVP program."


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