Why does design matter? Why should you invest project dollars into the look, feel, and experience of SharePoint? Is customizing a Microsoft platform needed? Most companies make the fatal mistake of ignoring design with SharePoint. Ignoring design causes SharePoint initiatives to fail.

Design drives adoption. Ugly, difficult to use applications fail. Great applications fail if users have a bad experience. Can you name a popular ugly app? We know that long term success needs adoption and usability. Design helps employees and vendors identify your brand. Design makes user experiences positive and efficient. Design is the final critical step in your application and SharePoint success.


Our design team brings you visual identity to win user adoption.
We build interfaces, experiences, and identities across your entire SharePoint ecosystem.
PAIT offers design-only services and design as part of development projects.


Portals and branding

Bring your corporate identity to intranets and extranets. Ensure that brand design is followed.

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Responsive design

Increase connectivity and adoption with mobile and tablet access. Build mobile SharePoint solutions.

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Application expertise

Make your project a success with your team. Build applications that save time and effort to use.

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