Assessment and Planning Services

Deployment Planning

The following are questions and/or concerns we hear every day from our customers. 

  • We own Microsoft 365 but, we don’t know where to get started.
  • We are migrating our legacy SharePoint environment to the cloud – what do we need to know?
  • There are so many tools and features in Microsoft 365, what do we use and when?
  • We started to use Microsoft Teams, but things got out of control quickly – how do we implement governance?

Whether you are looking at deploying Microsoft 365 from a technical perspective, or you’re looking to improve user adoption with the business, PAIT Group can help.

Let us take you through our proven, guided process for deploying the collaboration tools in Microsoft 365. We do more than just provide a technical assessment, we will also help you:

  • Educate IT Administrators on security and governance to control the sprawl,
  • Provide road-mapping sessions and planning assistance,
  • Understand your stakeholder’s needs and help you map those needs to the tools in Microsoft 365,
  • Design solutions in Teams, SharePoint, PowerApps, Power Automate, to be implemented by our team or yours,
  • Provide guidance, best practices, and training to make sure you start with the right foundation so that you can grow and scale your investment in Microsoft 365 over time.

Don’t roll out tech for the sake of tech. Use our Assessment and Planning Services to help you roll out real-world business solutions that will improve efficiency and achieve the user adoption you’ve been looking for.

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