Windows Adds New Features, Polishes a Few Old Ones

Choosing Microsoft and Windows

In the first installment of my thoughts on Satya Nadella’s keynote presentation at WPC 2014, I reviewed the promise Microsoft is making to its partners, and the promise it inspired PAITgroup to make. In the second installment, I discussed how Tiffani Bova claims technology is changing the way businesses do business. This third segment is perhaps my favorite section, because it’s all about the changes Microsoft is making to encourage users to choose them.

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Technology Is Changing- How Can we Keep Up?

In the first part of this blog series, I summarized Phil Sorgen’s speech at WPC 2014. He talked about the promises that Microsoft is making to its partners, and I talked about the promises that PAITgroup is making in return. In this section, we’re shifting gears a little bit to talk about how businesses have to change to keep up with technology. We no longer have to look at technology sales as a cold call scenario—customers these days know what they’re buying because they do the research. So what are we to do? Enter Tiffani Bova, Vice President of Gartner Research.

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The Microsoft Partner Promise

As many of you know, the Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 (WPC 2014) is happening this week in Washington D.C., and our own Stephanie Donahue is there soaking up all of the latest and greatest news. One of the most widely anticipated events was this morning’s keynote presentation, Satya Nadella, the current CEO of Microsoft. With all of the buzz lately about the Cloud, the Death of SharePoint, Office 365, and Yammer, we all waited with bated breath to hear what he had to say about some of these big shifts. Naturally, we had to get through a few other speakers first, but I liked what they all had to say. So much so, that I decided to do a blog series for each of their segments.

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