Mobile Social Networking: There's no Excuse to Lose Touch

The mobile social network takeover

We live in a technology driven world, there's no point disputing that. Almost everyone has a cell phone these days, and many of those phones are smart phones. With that amount of information at your fingertips, it would be foolish not to take advantage of this opportunity to use mobile social networking to grow your business. According to PewResearch, 91% of adults have cell phones. Even more astonishing, 56% of those adults have smart phones. That means approximately 51% of all adults have a smart phone, and therefore have the entire Internet in their pocket. That makes the cell phone "the most quickly adopted consumer technology in the history of the world." Think about that for a second. If cell phones are so widely used and widely adopted, it is safe to assume that all of your demographics are covered. We may have finally found a unifying human experience. So how do you take advantage of that?

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Enterprise Social Media Is Better Than Email

Explaining Enterprise Social Media

I'm a member of the social media generation, so I'm no stranger to social media and social networking. I'm on Facebook, I've dabbled in Twitter and Tumblr, and I love exploring the latest trends on Pinterest. Recently I started work for PAIT Group, a company that specializes in enterprise solutions, like enterprise content management, enterprise social networking, and enterprise social media. When I tell my fellow Millennials what I do, I'm frequently greeted with glossy eyed stares and confused looks. "So wait, you Facebook at work?" "Enterprise, like in Star Trek?" Even though I know what I do, it's not always easy to explain it to others. I decided to write it down so next time someone asks I'll just direct them here.

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