SharePoint and the Things We Love to Hate About It

Any of you that have been working with SharePoint for any length of time knows that she has some personality quirks. Many times when we or our coworkers encounter one of these quirks and ask the question, “Why is this happening?”. The response is almost always, “Because it’s SharePoint.”  

If you tuned into my webinar on Valentine’s Day (Yay, I’m so glad you did!), you got to hear a few of us talk about those things which we love to hate about SharePoint. If you missed the live webinar or just want to relive it, simply follow the image below!


We also discussed the ways we work with, around, or just plain cope with these quirks and features. If you didn’t attend the webinar (insert sad face here) don’t fret, I’m going to recap and expand a bit on what we discussed.  

In the webinar we hit on the following things:

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