[Video] Watch PAIT's Microsoft MVP Stephanie Donahue Discuss Office 365 Security and Compliance

Over the last year, PAIT Group's President and Microsoft MVP Stephanie Donahue has spoken at numerous industry leading conferences and events. This included SharePoint Fest DC, where she led Office 365 collaboration tool discussions on migration strategy, business productivity, deployment planning, and PowerApps. 

As an AvePoint Community Champion, Stephanie also got a chance to link up to discuss Office 365 security and compliance with fellow Microsoft MVP and AvePoint CMO, Dux Raymond, at SPFest. Check out their conversation below!

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Office 365 Security & Compliance

In meeting with customers I’ve found a strange split in the way people approach security with Office 365. Companies that historically have a culture that puts security front and center seem to feel using Office 365 sacrifices some control of security. Customers who have been less focused on security are often relieved that, at first blush, Office 365 doesn’t present a lot of security options they need to worry about. Accounts? Check. Passwords? Check. Groups and security settings that are mostly familiar from AD, Exchange, and SharePoint? Check, check and check, we are ready to get to work. The truth of it is that both of these takes on online security have some validity.

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