More Browsers = More Fun!

Some time ago I was sitting with a few co-workers at a PAIT get together, discussing the intricacies of working with so many customer systems on top of our own internal Office 365.  I mentioned a method I’ve been using to get as many browser instances as I want and the others were interested in how I did it. If you’ve ever had your browser open while signed into Office 365 or SharePoint and a “private” or “incognito” window to log in as another user for testing you kind of understand the problem, but when you are a consultant multiply that by 5 or 10 and you are living the life of my co-workers and I every day. For some of you there may be value in this technique, for instance being signed in using three or more accounts to the same system or multiple identities in multiple systems at once. So if it can help make your life a little easier, here it is.

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