New Announcements from Microsoft showing their commitment to the Intelligent Workplace

Microsoft kicked off the keynote address at SharePoint Conference North America with a quick history reminder of the industrial revolutions of the past and noting we are undergoing the 4th revolution, Digital.     There is a transformation of the way we work and operate thus creating a more inclusive and engaged workplace culture; an intelligent workplace.

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5 Things You Are Doing That Challenge Your Office 365 Deployment

Movement to the cloud is inevitable. With increased security, additional tools, and cost savings it’s becoming more and more of a no-brainer. Rarely are we faced with customers, after completing an honest assessment , who can’t go to the cloud.

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Top 5 Tips to succeed with Modern SharePoint

Last month Stephanie Donahue, President of PAIT Group, and Dan Stoll, VP of Product Technology at Hyperfish, collaborated on a webinar where the focus was to share practical tips and first hand experiences to start your Modern SharePoint journey and get the best of both classic and modern pages.

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