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Microsoft Teams: Binge-worthy Shorts Series

Volume 2

 PAIT Group and Joy of SharePoint remain committed to helping you get the most out of Microsoft Teams. We have created a series of short, binge-worthy webinars designed to help you leverage Microsoft collaboration tools.

This series is for anyone who is new or looking for digestible snippets of useable information on Microsoft Teams.

This series goes beyond the benefits of the Microsoft productivity tool.

The next group of Teams Topics:

This next group of Microsoft Teams topics takes a closer look at the inner workings of the productivity hub.

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Episode 5: Configuring Teams

We continue the conversation on Teams Features and explore some of the various ways Teams can be configured to best suit your needs.


Microsoft Teams and Files

Episode 6:  Teams & Files

Join us to find out just how easy it is to share important content with your co-workers.  Psst....It's also Microsoft Team's way of leveraging SharePoint within the application.  


TABS in Microsoft Teams

Episode 7:  Tabs in Teams

Tabs are the feature in Teams that allow us to quickly and easily access various workplace content and applications. We show you how to utilize tabs in Teams.


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Episode 8:  Teams & SharePoint Better Together

SharePoint and Teams are better together. Teams is our hub for teamwork in the organization, and SharePoint is the document management and intranet platform.