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Microsoft Teams: Binge-worthy Shorts Series

Volume 1

Day to day life has changed considerably as many of us transition to remote work.  
PAIT Group and Joy of SharePoint want to help you through this transition.
We have created a series of short, binge-worthy webinars designed to help you leverage Microsoft collaboration tools.

This series is for anyone who is new or looking for digestible snippets of useable information on Microsoft Teams.

This series goes beyond the benefits of the Microsoft productivity tool.

Volume 1 Teams Topics

We designed the first group of Teams topics to be ones that build upon each other while getting you started with basics of Microsoft's most popular productivity tool.

Teams Short Series


Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Episode 1: Welcome to Microsoft Teams

In this premiere episode, we take you on a tour of Microsoft Team's basic functionality, guide you through the components of the "left rail," and discuss the features of the Teams Activity Pane.


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Episode 2: Microsoft Teams, Meetings

Meetings are a critical activity of any organization.  We show you Microsoft Teams and how the tools it provides make meetings hassle-free, whether you're joining from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. 



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Episode 3: Microsoft Teams, Chat

This episode tackles Teams Chat and shows you how to stay connected by using chat features, both in one-on-one or group conversations.



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Episode 4: Microsoft Teams, TEAMS

In this episode we dig into the TEAMS section. We show how to leverage your department, project teams, and workspaces, transforming them into your team's productivity hub.