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Microsoft Teams: Binge-worthy Shorts Series - Volume 1

Day to day life has changed considerably as many of us have transitioned to remote work. Pait Group wants to help your organization make the most of this transition! We have created a series of short, binge-worthy webinars designed to help you leverage Microsoft's collaboration tools.

This series is for anyone who is new or looking for digestible snippets of usable information on Microsoft Teams.

We designed this first group of topics to build upon each other while getting you started with the basics of Teams. When you finish this set of webinars, make sure to continue learning about Teams with Volume 2!

PAIT Group
Teams Short Series

Episode 1: Welcome to  Teams

In this premier episode, we take you on a tour of Microsoft Teams' basic functionality. Maybe you've been using Teams for a while, or perhaps you need to ramp up fast. Either way, we've got you covered! Get comfy as we guide you through the components of the "left rail," and discuss the features of the Teams Activity Pane, including Filtering, Unread Messages, Mentions, Reactions, and how notifications impact your activity feed.

Episode 2: Meetings

Meetings are a critical activity of any organization. We show you how the tools Microsoft Teams provides can make meetings hassle-free, whether you're joining from your laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Learn about scheduling meetings from Outlook or Teams, Meeting Video & Audio Features, Calling from Chat, Recording Meetings with Stream, and more.

Episode 3: Chat

This episode tackles Teams Chat. Chat takes real-time communication to new levels. We'll go over how to stay connected, both in one-on-one and group conversations, and cover features including Persistent Chat History, @mentions, Video/Audio Calling, Group Chat, Tabs in Chat, Screen Sharing, and Humanizing Chat using gifs and emojis.

Episode 4: Teams in Teams

In this episode, we dig into the Teams section. We show how to leverage your department, project team, and work spaces, transforming them into your team's productivity hub. We'll cover topics including Organizing Teams with Channels, When to use Private Channels, Leveraging Apps and Resources with Tabs, @mentions for Individuals/channels/Teams, Threaded Conversations, and Email Addresses for Channels.

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