Ongoing Support Services

Is the process of aligning management’s requests to Microsoft 365 making you want to quit your job? Getting a return on your Microsoft 365 investments can be challenging.  The conflict between planning and bidding is destructive. You need to bid less, and plan more.

How are you building a plan to show return to your management team? Who supports your projects after deployment? Microsoft 365 is a living, breathing tool for your company. When your end users need help, who do they turn to? When you need some changes made, can you do it? How hard is getting spending approval for updates?

Are you missing the real value? When you start a project, are you seeing the real potential to help your company? Most companies are missing the competitive advantage of Microsoft 365. Vendors need to understand your company to show you ideas that save money and improve decisions.

Ongoing Support Services is your solution to the bid and buy cycle. With Ongoing Support Services, we dedicate a team of experts to your company. Instead of bidding on projects, our team plans for your company’s future. We work with you to build long-term strategic plans to help both you and management. We bring the resources for project management, development, design, and end user support. Ongoing Support Services changes your Microsoft 365 spending from projects to outcomes.  Ongoing Support  Services lets you focus on business.

Challenge Ongoing Support Service Bid and buy Benefit
Budget planning There is a monthly fixed cost. You pay per project. Avoid over-runs or budget fights.
Long term planning We build a 12 month plan with you. You need to bring your own plan. Spend money once, on the right things.
End user support We handle all of the support. You support the users. Keep people working.
Hiring internal staff We have a full development, planning, and management team. We manage the entire process. You are limited by staff skillsets. You manage the process. Get the right skills at the right time,without the hiring hassle.
Showing ROI We provide monthly reporting on business objectives from the 12 month plan. You manage the plan and costs yourself. Get results without risk. Show management detailed reporting on projects.

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