Why is development so difficult for your projects? You have a vision for your project, so how does your vision become reality? Do you have the experience to get a development project delivered?

Most development projects fail at the start. The approach of interviewing vendors, sharing your idea, and having vendors bid is risky. Are your vendors bidding on the same project? Are vendors cutting vital functions to win on price? Is your idea even the right approach? Can you get uniform bids for your project?

We can help. We help people assess their idea and build a detailed bid document. Companies use our bid documents for competitive bidding. You can count on PAIT to turn your idea into a defined project. PAIT keeps your development projects safe.

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Every development project starts with a use case. Use cases are the story of the application and the benefits. We work with your team to build a use case, develop outcomes, and build a technical environment specification. Our team interviews you to find the business need you are trying to fill. We then design the efficient solution. The result is a project plan that eliminates errors and overruns. PAIT project plans reduce the risks associated with building custom applications. 

PAIT has the development resources to execute your project plan. Our team offers .Net development services for on-premises and Office 365 environments. PAIT has onshore and offshore resources. We can offer dedicated onshore, offshore, or blended teams. We have the resources to support any SharePoint need or environment.


Our project plans and management software reduce mistakes. Our experience keeps your project on track.

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Workflows? Custom forms? Custom applications? Our team has skillsets to assess your needs. We remove risk.

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We handle the details of migrating your systems so you can relax and get Office 365 without the hard work.

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