Deployment Planning SharePoint Office 365Discover and Learn how to get on the right path towards a Modern SharePoint Deployment Strategy. 

The challenges of putting together an application road map for IT lie behind answering the questions of When to upgrade, What to upgrade to, and What drives the organization to modernize.   But what if you start to introduce system automatic updates without the worry of mass migration.   These changes and new functionalities become available in real time.   How to plan for this new world.

In this free webinar, you will find out the benefits to get you on the right path to having a modernized SharePoint deployment strategy that fits your needs.   Specific items addressed:

  • What we get out of the box to apply designs and themes
  • How to deploy Intranet Sites quickly and with a consistent brand
  • Discover how your site architecture can help you automate site design for new sites
  • How Powell can help expedite the process to deployment

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