Cloud Migration

If SharePoint has been around for a while in your organization, you may be looking at your options for upgrading and possibly, even be considering the cloud. With the timeframe closing in on the end of support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, you may need to look at upgrading your SharePoint on-premises environment as soon as possible!

Let us take a look at your environment and help you plan and build for the future. We can do this through our migration offerings:

  • SharePoint Cloud Readiness Assessment – we’ll assess your environment and let you know how to transition things like your branding, custom solutions, and site architecture to Office 365. This assessment is also perfect for those trying to determine if the cloud is right for your organization.
  • SharePoint Standard Migration Assessment – If you’re planning to stay on-premises, we’ll help you with the migration plan and get you up to speed on the latest features available in SharePoint 2019.

Once you’ve received the results from these assessments, we’ll work together with your team to develop the right migration plan for you. Whether you choose to stay on-premises with SharePoint 2019, move to Office 365, or even configure a hybrid environment, we can take you from the planning phase through the actual migration, and beyond with our ongoing support services. We also work closely with third-party migration tool partners to make sure you have the most seamless experience possible.

We want you to feel confident migrating with a trusted partner by your side.

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