Security in the Cloud

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive solution that not only brings together the best productivity apps, but safeguards your data, devices, & passwords so you can focus on doing what you do best which is cultivating and growing your business.

Security Investment Starts Here
Great Features


What if you could protect your company’s data

Ensure that no one can share your personal and financial information outside your business. 


Would you like to secure every device that connects to work emails and files?

Effectively control which devices and users have access to your business information at any given time.


How would you like to defend your business from threats

Take advantage of always-up-to-date security that automatically detects and defends against cyberthreats.  

Prevent costly cyberattacks from happening

  • Detect threats early with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Safe Links and Safe Attachments that automatically scan and analyze email links or attachments.
  • Prevent phishing attacks with built-in machine learning models and impersonation detection that quickly identify suspicious activity on email. 
  • Protect company devices with multi-factor authentication and Windows Defender to make it difficult for hackers to access information. 
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Give your organization greater data protection

  • Protect sensitive data from leaks with built-in Data Loss Prevention that can automatically detect when an email includes sensitive information.
  • Encrypt sensitive emails with one click to ensure that only the right individuals can access information.
  • Control who has access to files with Information Protection that lets you apply restrictions to emails and to prevent data from ending up in the wrong hands.

Secure every device that connects to your business data

  • Control who has access to your data with Conditional Access to decide which devices can connect to business applications. 
  • Apply security policies like PINs or fingerprints to protect business data in iOS and Android devices. If a device goes missing, remotely wipe business information.
  • Manage business apps with mobile application management that lets you determine who has access to business apps on personal devices.
Office 365 Security- A Plan

Office 365 Security- A Plan

The tyranny of search engine optimization forced me to give this article that boring title, but honestly I wanted to call it “Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers” . One of the big myths we have in the Information Technology world is that security is a mature and solved problem.  In reality we just want to get the baby buggy bumpers in place to keep us from hitting our heads on sharp corners, we have to keep watching for risks and adapting our plans as the landscape becomes clearer.   


dux convo

Discussion Office 365 Security and Compliance

As an AvePoint Community Champion, Stephanie Donahue got a chance to link up to discuss Office 365 security and compliance with fellow Microsoft MVP and AvePoint CMO, Dux Raymond. 


Privacy and Security in Microsoft Teams

For IT professionals: Privacy and Security in Microsoft Teams

Jared Spataro, Corporate VP for Microsoft 365, helps provide information on privacy and security in video conferencing in Microsoft 365 for IT Professionals.