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Desk-less Worker Assessment & Planning Workshop

Firstline Workers (aka the desk-less workforce) make up a majority of the world's labor pool, yet this group tends to be the most underserved.  Any organization that is seeking a successful digital transformation needs to include their firstline workers in the planning process and ensure they have access to the tools which will allow them to be not only productive, but an effective part of the organization. 

PAIT Group's Firstline Worker Assessment and Planning Workshop  provides mentoring and direction for organizations that are looking to:

  • Connect their firstline workers to business goals, and values

  • Equip Firstline Workers with powerful and intuitive tools

  • Transform processes with custom applications and digital workflows

  • Help Firstline workers learn to apply new skills faster

  • Safe guard company assets with intelligent security & compliance

What can your Organization expect?

  • Identification of the unique needs for your organization's firstline workforce

  • Development of Solutions to the challenges that the organization faces.

  • Summary roadmap that includes a comprehensive plan, cost, and timeframe estimates