4 Key Factors for Successful Microsoft Teams Governance

Whether you are at the beginning stages of implementing Microsoft Teams or have been actively using the communication hub, it is important to establish effective governance measures to ensure your organization has seamless access to information today and long into the future.

In this webinar, PAIT Group's Richard Calderon will examine the following 4 key factors for successful Microsoft Teams Governance:

  1. Striking a Balance :

    Who should create Teams and for what purpose? Which apps and features will be available?

  2. The Governance Process:

    How are Teams created? Will you enforce naming conventions?

  3. Content Lifecycle:

    What happens to conversations, files, and data over time?

  4. Communication & Training:

    How will you communicate Teams governance policies and guidelines to business users?

    How will you train them and gather feedback to improve the governance process?