10 steps to driving Organizational Change

Companies are constantly looking for ways to do things better, faster, and more effectively than their competitors.  Throwing money at software and new systems and processes to improve is common, unfortunately what is also common is the failure to implement those new systems and methods successfully.  They often taken longer to implement than expected and the budget needed grows quickly as employees struggle to adopt changes and new ways of doing their jobs.

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Cloud Security– Your Data is Safe Up There

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the list of celebrities whose private images and other data were stolen and distributed. I wasn’t planning on writing anything about this, but as time passes I’m noticing more and more people commenting about a “lack of cloud security.” I’ve seen more than one post (by news outlets mostly, not IT professionals) claiming that our data isn’t safe in the cloud, that you shouldn’t move to the cloud, and that the cloud is bad! I can’t correct them all directly, but I can attempt to educate businesses that might be scared off from cloud storage options like OneDrive for Business after this scandal. Trust me, the cloud security is fine.

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Enterprise Social Media Is Better Than Email

Explaining Enterprise Social Media

I'm a member of the social media generation, so I'm no stranger to social media and social networking. I'm on Facebook, I've dabbled in Twitter and Tumblr, and I love exploring the latest trends on Pinterest. Recently I started work for PAIT Group, a company that specializes in enterprise solutions, like enterprise content management, enterprise social networking, and enterprise social media. When I tell my fellow Millennials what I do, I'm frequently greeted with glossy eyed stares and confused looks. "So wait, you Facebook at work?" "Enterprise, like in Star Trek?" Even though I know what I do, it's not always easy to explain it to others. I decided to write it down so next time someone asks I'll just direct them here.

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