PAIT's Summer/Fall 2017 SharePoint Events Calendar

Are we really looking at August already?!

As summer starts winding down, we'll be ramping up our nationwide SharePoint events circuit in the next few months. Our MVP's/Officers Stephanie Donahue and Mark Rackley will be sharing their knowledge to all willing attendees at the following fests, conferences, and on the lookout for us!

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PAIT Group Partner PointFire Makes SharePoint Multilingual

PointFire is about to release a signifcant update to their current SharePoint Online multilingual product set. Currently in beta,  PointFire 365 v2  is loaded with multilingual capabilities built right into SharePoint!  If world-wide communication and collaboration is important to your organization, this product provides a user-friendly way to implement a single site that can be shared and managed in many languages.

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Expanding your SharePoint and Office 365 Knowledge at SPFest Seattle

Have you ever found yourself on the front page of Google search, ready to type another "How To..." something something SharePoint?  If you're like me, a simpleton (account manager), with a light background in SharePoint and Office 365, this may be a common occurence. Luckily, I have a fountain of knowledge on staff to help me out when I get stuck; that is to say, we eat our own dog food here at PAIT:)

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The Surface Hub: It’s Real, It’s Out there and I Want One!

I’ll confess something to you guys: I love whiteboards. Love them. I’d have every wall in my office be a whiteboard if I could… actually, this may happen one day. For me, there is no better tool to use for architecting out SharePoint web apps/tenants, site collections, and sites than a whiteboard. Need to plan out a business process or workflow? To the whiteboard!! Security not working smoothly? Draw it out on the whiteboard!

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Livin’ the Stream! Microsoft releases Stream to General Availability

Ok, I’ll admit; this is my version of a clip show” blog originally wrote this back in May of 2017. After a recent Stream webinar, I decided it needed some updating.

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How the 2017 SharePoint Summit Announcements Impact Your Organization

As we write this, dozens of blog posts are being published talking about all the new awesome features and changes coming to OneDrive and SharePoint. At the end of the day though our customers care about one thing.

"How do these changes affect me?"

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